Do you pronounce Tregan — Tree-gan or Treg-an?

We pronounce it Treg-an

Does it bother you that people pronounce it wrong?

We’re too busy making you great guitars to worry about things like that.

Where are Tregan guitars made?

At this time our guitars are proudly made in South Korea. Then brought to the USA where we complete a full inspection and professional set up to bring you the absolute best guitars for your money.
Our Tregan Modified Guitars, like the Artist Series, are made in South Korea, then Modified in Chambersburg, PA. some of the modifications we perform are: reshaping, refinishing, add/remove hardware and electronics. We also create our own or modify hardware to suit the guitars needs.

What is so different about your guitars? (besides the looks)

The short answer: These are great guitars for your money. You really need to pick one up and play it to truly know the difference. but, you don’t need to take our word for it, Tregans consistently receive great reviews online and in the magazines.
The long answer: When Tony Guarriello designed the specs for each guitar, he didn’t just use standard specs from other guitars, he started from scratch. By studying the best features of the best guitars, he developed unique features that feel and play great, yet still very familiar, like you have been playing the guitar your whole life. Features Like:
– A longer scale for good tone and harmonics.
– A flatter fretboard radius for easier chords and better bends.
– A medium-thin “C” shaped neck with a narrow profile for a more comfortable feel and fast fingering.
– Large cutaways to reach every fret.
– Great unique designs while keeping excellent balance and playability.
Once you play one, you’ll get it. Warning: Once you play one you won’t want to stop.

So, what is this Mojo you add to your guitars?

OK, we were only asked this once. But, we think it’s a great way to describe our setup process.
Like many higher priced guitars, we take the time to set up each guitar by hand. And it’s more than just setting it up to spec; when we perform a setup we play the guitar, if the guitar doesn’t feel right to us, we tweak it until it does. It’s a simple philosophy… we know that if we’re not happy playing our guitars, you won’t be happy either.
Call it Mojo, love or just a simple idea… Guitars are our passion and we want you to feel the difference.

Is that real figured maple on your guitars?

Yes, we use real figured maple. It is a very thin slice of figured maple called a veneer. This is not a print, like some other manufacturers use. We don’t use thick figured maple tops, because this would add several hundred dollars to the price of the guitars. By using a veneer, we get the great looks and variations of the natural figured maple, while producing an affordable guitar.
As an added bonus, by using veneers, we are able to get more tops out of a single tree, this helps stretch our natural resources, and that’s good for your wallet and the environment.

What is the difference between the guitar your endorsed artists play vs. the stock versions?

With very few exceptions, Tregan Endorsees play the same exact models we sell through the stores. Some of our artists also endorse other products, such as specific pickup company’s pickups, so they may swap out our pickups for another brand. Or they may add a special paint job, but the body and neck remain the same. Check out our Artist series guitars, these are identical to the guitars our artist play.

If I modify the guitar, am I still covered under the warranty?

Tregan will cover, under terms of the guitar’s warranty, any part of the guitar that has not been modified.

Where can I go to check out a Tregan guitar?

Please check out our list of Dealers here: Dealer Page
We do frequent some guitar shows; and our artists are always happy to show off their guitars, if you catch one of their shows.