Extraordinary Guitars, Extraordinarily Original

If you never played a Tregan guitar before, you are in for some seriously fun play time. Because every Tregan was designed and built to bring the feel of custom made, professional guitars to everyone who wants to play. We use quality hardware and specially selected pickups to match the tone woods for great sounding and great playing guitars. Play time is always fun time, when you have a Tregan.

Custom Looks, Custom Feel

Our guitars have added features that you would normally find on much more expensive guitars, like custom inlays; rosewood and ebony fretboards; and custom built necks. Whether you have twenty-two frets or twenty-four, a player should be able to reach them all, so every Tregan guitar has deep cutouts for easy reach to all the frets. When you pick up a Tregan you will notice that it feels right, with good weight and balance. A guitar that is comfortable to play.

Great Tone, Great Sound

Tone woods and pickups both affect how a guitar sounds and we want you to sound great. Tregan Guitars uses quality tone woods such as alder, ash, mahogany and maple to enhance the sound of the guitars. The pickups are no exception – We select and match the pickups to the guitar for great tone and sound at a price that won’t break the bank.

Plays Like the Pro’s

Looks aren’t everything. Which is why Tregan Guitars weren’t just designed to look good, they were designed to play great. Each guitar comes to you with great action; smooth, even frets and a super fast neck. In fact, the standard action set on Tregan Guitars is the same or better than most top brand, American made guitars*.

With great looks, feel and sound, it’s no wonder that many professional artists like to use Tregan Guitars for recording and live performances.

Priced for Everyone

Every Tregan guitar is crafted to our exacting specifications. Then each guitar is inspected and setup here in the USA, to make sure it meets those specs. What you end up with is a great guitar at a great price.


*Tregan Guitar’s Standard action is 4/64″ at the 14th fret. Most top brand American models’ standards are 4/64″ at the 12th fret. See the support section for complete setup information and standards.



The Shaman definitely puts out the kind of quality, set-neck vibe that makes you feel good about digging in, with a great setup and even playability all over the neck.
Matt Blackett – Guitar Player


The Shaman Standard Series – With its solid mahogany body, mahogany neck and alnico V humbuckers, this guitar is ready for any style of music. It has Long lasting sustain, thanks to the carved mahogany body with smooth beautiful lines and curves. The Grover tuners, with the tune-o-matic style bridge, gets this guitar in tune and keeps it there. The mahogany set neck is super fast, looks great and keeps the guitar well balanced for comfortable play.

I can honestly say, I have never liked a neck more than the Shaman’s, I can’t put it down. You have done an EXCELLENT job providing value.
Greg A. – NY, owner of a Shaman Standard

The Shaman Signature Series is like an old classic, with great feel, comfortable play and stunning looks. It’s an upgrade to the Shaman Standard Series, for those looking for a bit more show. It features a triple bound, chambered, mahogany body with a figured maple top; a bound mahogany set neck; an ebony fingerboard with abalone inlays; three alnico V humbuckers; Grover tuners and a triple bound head stock. The perfect blend of form and function.




Overall, the Syrens are fab guitars for the money. They sound good and play well, and if you really want to turn heads while you’re doing your rock-star moves on the bandstand, these babies will do their part to pull a few eyes your way.
Mike Molenda – Guitar Player

The Syren Standard Series is like no other guitar on this planet, this guitar was made to shred. With an Ultra fast neck, 24 frets, dual alnico V humbuckers, Syren Wing inlays and gold hardware, the Syren looks as good as it plays. The Grover tuners, tune-omatic style bridge and string through body design keep this guitar in tune for hours of play.

With its noticeable mids, the Syren’s tone indeed cuts through the mix. Its ability to impersonate a Strat is an added bonus that can be quite handy. The Syren looks cool and plays well with its different but fast neck. It will definitely command some attention on stage.
Pat Smith -Guitar Edge

The Syren Signature Series guitars give you all you need and more. The Signature Series adds a figured maple top; a Floyd Rose licensed tremolo, Ebony fingerboard, abalone inlays, and a special active/passive switch. The a/p switch turns on a preamp to activate the passive humbuckers, giving them extra bite and tone. Don’t worry though, if your battery wears out or you forgot to bring one with you, switch the preamp off and play in passive mode – this guitar won’t let you down.

If you’re into rock, metal, punk, thrash, grunge, or just want to have fun, get a Syren and feel the power.

THE BOTTOM LINE…Tregan’s Syren guitars are some of the better playing and visually inspiring guitars available at a reasonable price. The Standard model is a tremendous value for the traditionalist who wants to play anything from country to hard rock, chiefly offering a sensual midrange voice. If angering the metal gods, and the neighbors, suits your style, you might want to opt for the double-locking tremolo and active/passive electronics in the Signature Syren.
Eric Kirkland -Guitar World




The SyrenXT – With a new contoured back, all black hardware, built in preamp, and two tone paint job, this XT screams to be played. Standard on the XT is a Floyd Rose licensed tremolo, Rosewood fingerboard, and an active/passive switch. To add to it’s aggressive looks, we add slightly hotter pickups for more bite.

If you’re into rock, metal, punk, thrash, grunge, or just want to have fun, get a Syren and feel the power.


Shaman Bass

Shaman Bass

I can happily recommend the Tregans to anyone looking for a solid-sounding, well built bass that falls well outside the cookiecutter mold.
Jonathan Herrera – Bass Player

Shaman Bass Standard Series – When you pick up a Shaman Bass and begin to play, you immediately know that you’re holding a powerful tool. From the fine fret work and beautiful inlays, to the Grover tuners and dual pickups, this bass looks, sounds and plays great! A bass for all types of music.

The Standard and Signature Tregans sounded similar, with a few subtle differences. The Signature seemed to have a more blooming low-mid voice and more texture and detail across the midrange frequency spectrum. The Standard was a bit thinner, with a more cutting and assertive personality. Each offered a solid variety of supportive and compelling tones. With the P-pickup soloed, the basses were thick and aggressive with the tone full up, and dark and brooding with the tone rolled off. The soloed-J tone was punchy and nasal, but with a nice top-end sweetness, particularly with the tone rolled-off halfway. Blending the pickups made for a versatile sound with slightly hollow mids, a controlled bottom, and a not-too-brittle treble response – a great tone for slap.
Jonathan Herrera – Bass Player

Shaman Bass SIG I
Shaman Bass Signature Series – Walnut is a great tonewood for basses. That’s why, when we designed our Signature Series Shaman Bass, we capped the front and back with walnut. Add to that, a walnut striped, maple, through the body neck, and you have a bass with tone to spare. Every bass player will love the feel of this bass, whether it’s a Snap, Slap, or Pop, this bass will take it and dish it out with pride. The two pickups, each with its own volume and tone controls, let any bassist find their sound. And the contoured body and long top horn makes this a well balanced and comfortable Bass.

Shaman Bass

Artist Series


In 2008 we started our Mod Shop in Chambersburg, PA, modifying Tregan Guitars to suit specific artists’ needs. Mods such as special pickup configurations, hardware changes, added graphics and even body reshaping and parts construction have all been a part of the Mod Shop work. Requests from our customers wanting to have these modified guitars available to them, led us to increase the size of our Mod Shop, and we are making these modified guitars available to you.

The Artist Series Guitars are hand modified by our Mod Shop to be exactly like the guitars our artist use. The result is a guitar customized for the pros, at a price for everyone!


Limited First Edition Kimberly Freeman SyrenXT

The First Edition, Hand Modified, Kimberly Freeman SyrenXT is based off of Kimberly’s Original SyrenXT Prototype. Kimberly’s Prototype was built to meet her exacting needs in a guitar built for her performances.
The use of a flat black guitar has been one of Kimberly’s signatures for every One-Eyed Doll performance. To create a guitar that was 100% Kimberly, flat black was a must. We started with a Red SyrenXT with a specific purpose in mind; That, If during her performances, Kimberly managed to wear through the top coat or chip the guitar, the red undercoating would shine through as a battle wound – a scar to document another performance that rocked her fans.

The One-Eyed Doll Logo in Gloss Black on the body shines through as a badge of honor, yet remains subtle not to distract from the whole guitar. All black hardware and an Original Floyd Rose Tremolo to complete the guitar’s overall appearance as a guitar that means business.

In the way that Kimberly offers so much of herself, and puts so much into each goodie and trinket she makes for her fans, we wanted to deliver into her guitar. So each of her guitars and these first editions are hand painted and modified by Tony Guarriello.

Each body is painted flat black, logos and serial numbers are hand applied.

To add to the power of Kimberly’s guitar, a Seymour Duncan Invader pickup sits anxiously in the bridge position, waiting on every string vibration to send pulse thundering music to the amplifier. The Grover Tuners and Floyd Rose Tremolo hold each string in tune through every dive and scream.

On the lighter side, the neck pickup cavity is converted to a lighted, velvet lined “goodies coffin” made to hold and display whatever small Kimberly trinket you may possess. The single volume knob pulls out to light the coffin and all it possess.

In name of crazy antic redundancy, the Syren contains two input jacks, one on the front of the guitar and one on the bottom. Just in case you happen to rip a jack out while doing a crazy stunt off the stage with guitar in hand.


Shaman Skunk Mod

Skunk Mahattan was one of the first artists to endorse Tregan Guitars. He was also one of the first artist to receive a Tregan guitar designed and modified by Tregan’s owner, Tony Guarriello.

Skunk is a great musician, and he needs a guitar that can match his wide variety of playing styles. The Shaman Standard was a great choice, the Mahogany body and neck made the perfect platform to start. But we need to add more versatility; For that, we turned to Seymour Duncan pickups. The Tb4 bridge pickup and SH-2 neck pickup, is a classic combination that could handle any style of music. Add to that some coil taps, to split the humbuckers to single coil, and the “Skunk Modified” is as versatile as Skunk.

The second version of the Skunk Mod, adds a graphite nut and black pickups for a cleaner look. Get a Shaman Skunk Mod and be ready for anything.


SyrenXT Sphynx Edition

As the old adage goes: “If you want to get noticed, you have to stand out from the crowd.” And Sphynx certainly knows how to do that. What he needed was guitar with a look and sound as unique as he is. For that, he turned to Tregan Guitars.

The SyrenXT was the perfect guitar, but we needed to take it one step further – for a totally unique sound. When we met with our friends at TV Jones, we knew we had found the right pickup for the perfect sound – TV Jones’ PowerTron Pickups. The PowerTron pickups in the SyrenXT give Sphynx that great humbucker sound but with a different attitude that only TV Jones can bring. But, this ain’t no rock-a-billy guitar, add your favorite distortion, and it’s ROCK. We’re talking Classic Rock, Hard Rock, full on Metal! Once you play the SyrenXT Sphynx you’ll never look back.
Also Available with EMG Active Pickups.