EXTRAORDINARY GUITARS                       EXTRAORDINARILY ORIGINAL                                                                                         Once You Pick One Up, You Won't Put It Down!

Inspired by the History of Electric Guitars...
Designed for Looks, Feel and Sound!

Inspired by the history of the electric guitar, Tregan guitars have some familiar features and some radical twists.   Every guitar from the headstock to the rear strap button was designed for looks, feel and sound.

Custom Looks, Custom Feel

Our guitars have added features that you would normally find on much more expensive guitars like custom inlays; rosewood and ebony fretboards; and custom built necks.   Whether you have twenty-two frets or twenty-four, a player should be able to reach them all, so every Tregan guitar has deep cutouts for easy reach to all the frets.   When you pick up a Tregan you will notice that it feels right, with good weight and balance.   A guitar that is comfortable to play.

Great Tone, Great Sound

Tone woods and pickups both affect how a guitar sounds and we want you to sound great.   Tregan Guitars uses quality tone woods such as alder, ash, mahogany and maple to enhance the sound of the guitars.   And, the pickups are no exception.   We select and match the pickups to the guitar for great tone and sound at a price that won't break the bank.

Plays Like The Pro's

Looks aren't everything.   Which is why Tregan Guitars weren't just designed to look good, they were designed to play great.   Each guitar comes to you with great action; smooth, even frets and a super fast neck.   But don't take our word for it, check out what others say about Tregan guitars in our review section.  

With great looks, feel and sound, it's no wonder that many professionals like Skunk Manhattan (A Good Rogering), Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll), and Sphynx (XNO) use Tregan Guitars for recording and live performances.

Priced for Everyone

Every Tregan guitar is crafted in South Korea to our exacting specifications.   Then each guitar is inspected and setup here in the USA, to make sure it meets those specs.   What you end up with is a great guitar at a great price.

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