Kimberly Freeman
One-Eyed Doll

Guitar: Kimberly Freeman Custom


About One-Eyed Doll:

Described as Strawberry Shortcake meets Gwar and Valentine's Day meets Halloween with the visual impact of Japanese Anime, One-Eyed Doll is an award-winning Austin, Texas power rock trio with a loyal global fan base and extensive international press exposure. In 2010 and 2009 the group swept the SXSW Music Awards in categories such as Best New Band, Best Punk Band, Best Metal Band, Best Goth Band, Best Acoustic Guitarist, Best Producer, Best Drummer and Best Female Vocalist. The group has independently released three full-length albums, appears in Guitar World and Guitar Player magazines and has left several national tours in its wake including major anime conventions (DragonCon, AniMix, IKKiCON, Anime Overload, ShadoCon, etc.) Blazing the band's wildfire buzz amongst their growing legions of religiously crazed fans is One-Eyed Doll's cult leader: the impossible-not-to-love Kimberly Freeman, whose punishment is so sweet you'll beg for more.
Notable Facts:

SXSW Awards: The SXSW festival is arguably the hippest taste-maker event in the world for indie and unsigned bands. One-Eyed Doll has swept the SXSW music awards in both 2009 and 2010 (Best Punk Band, and top ten in Best New Band, Best Metal Band, Best Female Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Drummer, etc.) and is poised to do it again in 2011.

One-Eyed Doll's front-woman Kimberly Freeman led the band Arc Attack in this year's America's Got Talent Semi-Finals. America's Got Talent is the #1 ranked show in America and has over 10 million viewers.

The band has sold over 10,000 CDs and over 40,000 songs downloaded via iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, etc.

Members of One-Eyed Doll have licensed over $50,000 in music for radio/TV ads, films and video games including the new theme for the massively popular on-line game AdventureQuest Worlds called "Battle On!" The song is featured in the game and TV ads on Comcast and Direct TV.

Kimberly has been featured in Guitar Player, Guitar World and dozens of other magazines this year.

Shared the stage with: Trivium, Cannibal Corpse, Powerman 5000, Captured! by Robots, In This Moment, The Wailers, Kevin Fowler, Bowling for Soup, Drowning Pool, Twisted Sister and many more.

Organized fan clubs and street teams in most US states and several countries, including Japan, Germany, Romania, England, Mexico, Australia, France, Italy and the Czech Republic.

  • "One-Eyed Doll is captivating, wild and never predictable, the way
    indie rock should be."

    -Celine, Sentimentalist Magazine

  • "...combines the rock star bravado of a Jack White [or Jack Black]
    with the visual impact of Japanese Anime... a super heroine that's
    alternately fierce, outrageous, vulnerable and sweet."

    -Marsha Mann, Insite Magazine

  • "Kimberly Freeman is proving herself to be a maelstrom of musicality."
    -Karsten Krooss, Edge Magazine

  • "Raucous, in-your-face grunge rock that will kick your ass in a good
    way, just like the lead singer"

    -Soundcheck Magazine

  • "...lyrically [Hole] is a gothic gem."
    -Bluesbunny UK

  • "Between her metalesque guitar assault, sweet-toned yet fierce voice, danger-laden lyrics, and eclectic make-up, Freeman directs the band persona to something like heavy rock Japanese anime."
    -Don Thomason, The Amplifier Magazine

  • "Wholesome it is not as we are urged not to make friends with our food as"… that makes it harder when you kill them". I don't think we shall see this one performed on American Idol."
    -Bluesbunny UK

  • "I had the greatest musical experience of my life last night. Maybe even better than seeing Rancid live."
    -Author E. Scott Rivera

  • "Disturbing yet wonderfully addictive, One-Eyed Doll proves that Kimberly Freeman is the foul, daring girl that every man wants but won't necessarily get."
    -Lauren Proctor, Just Press Play Magazine

  • "Her belted-out ferocity and fabulous looks remind me of Dominique of Stolen Babies, but the music's less self-conscious, more ballsy Pixies meets Siouxsie meets Hole."
    -Celine, Sentimentalist Magazine

  • "Freeman: a model-beautiful, charismatic, semi-darkwave frontwoman who has the ability to shred mercilessly and has a decidedly kick-ass voice."
    -Tom Urquhart, Fort Worth Weekly

  • "I saw a band called "One Eyed Doll" And I am now in love."
    -Author E. Scott Rivera

  • "Let's clear the air right away: this is a (capital R) Rock album. The band has a wonderfully theatrical style, but they are a rock band. A kick ass rock band."

  • "Hoochie Mama" should be licensed by that boy Tarantino to liven up the soundtrack of his next movie."
    -Bluesbunny UK

  • "Adorned with humungous guitar riffs and Kimberly Freeman's sugared girlish voice, the debut album Hole will send you into a fit of pleasurable desolation."
    -Lauren Proctor, Just Press Play Magazine

  • "This is not about getting your voyeuristic thrills on someone else's suffering. This collection is about strength and pride."

  • "...what I can only describe as a rock-gasm."
    E. Scott Rivera

Band Members:

Kimberly Freeman Vocals, Guitar
Jason Rufuss Sewell Drums

><a href="">Airplane Man by One-Eyed Doll</a>
<a href="">We're One-Eyed Doll by One-Eyed Doll</a>
UPC: 884501062657
<a href="">Suicidal Serenade by One-Eyed Doll</a>
UPC: 837101278751
<a href="">Sleep by One-Eyed Doll</a>
UPC: 884501119597
Kimberly Freeman
<a href="">Flowers Still Grow by One-Eyed Doll</a>
UPC: 883629701226
Kimberly Freeman

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